Kahana Affiliate Program: How to Get Started

Kahana Affiliate Program: How to Get Started
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Are you eager to monetize your online presence and earn passive income through affiliate marketing?

You've come to the right place! Kahana presents an exceptional opportunity for creators and experts to safeguard their digital products and create new revenue streams.

If you have any questions or run into issues, please contact us through our Live Chat in the bottom-right corner of this page or join our Discord community.

Table of contents

  1. Website Assets
  2. Blog Assets
  3. LinkedIn Assets
  4. Instagram Assets

What you'll receive in this article

Our mission is to give you all the support you need as an affiliate sharing the good news. We're all in this together, and we couldn't be more excited to help you.

In this article, you'll receive access to promotional templates that you can use as a Kahana Affiliate to effectively promote the platform and maximize your earnings.

At the end of this article, there is also a Form to request custom-built marketing materials that will be built especially for you :)

Now let's dive in!

How to Become a Kahana Affiliate

First off, if you aren't a Kahana affiliate yet, you're missing out on a chance to earn 30% ongoing every time someone signs up through your unique affiliate link.

It pays to be a partner of Kahana

It's simple. Refer people to Kahana and earn a 30% 💰

Become an Affiliate
Kahana Affiliate Program - You earn 30% when anyone purchases a Kahana subscription or service. Plus, you continue to get the commission for the first year they're on the platform. Learn more.

Marketing Templates

You can use the Marketing Templates below right out of the box or you can customize them to your liking. These are meant to provide a foundation for inspiration and creativity. The Marketing Templates are organized based on unique marketing channels and media (e.g. Website, Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram) as well as form (e.g. square, landscape, carousel, etc.).

You can customize and adapt any of these templates for any channel by resizing and re-designing while using them.

Website templates

Website Popup (Square)

Use Template

Website Popup (Landscape)

Use Template

Blog post templates

Blog Banner Image (2240x1260px)

Use these easy-to-use banner image templates to promote Kahana within your blog articles.

Use Template

Blog infographics

Use Template

LinkedIn post templates

LinkedIn Carousel Templates

Use Template

Instagram post templates

Instagram Posts (Square)

Use Template

Get custom-built affiliate marketing materials

Need something custom-built? We would be thrilled to create new promotional materials and content specifically for you. Whenever you suggest new materials, you're also helping the entire community and future creators, so please, don't be shy and ask away!

I want more marketing materials

Looking for something else? We've got you covered! Just fill out this quick form to request additional marketing materials to promote Kahana, and we'll create the for you!

Gimme Additional Marketing Materials

Next steps

We'll be continuing to create more and more materials and resources for you to use and sharing them on this article and in the Discord community.