Kahana Boost Program: Increase Recurring Revenue and Scale

Kahana Boost Program: Increase Recurring Revenue and Scale
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Are you looking for ways to supercharge your sales and reach a wider audience? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce the Kahana Boost Program, an opportunity designed to skyrocket your business's visibility and generate more recurring revenue at scale.

What is the Boost Program?

The Boost Program is a solution tailored to provide you with enhanced visibility and access to a large population of potential customers. With this program, you have the chance to reach a highly targeted audience, engage with leads that match your ideal customer profile, and generate recurring revenue for your business.

At a high level, here's how the Kahana Boost Program works:

  1. Provide Information about Your Hub: You begin by sharing important information about your Kahana hub(s) with us, such as the overall theme/purpose, topics that will be covered, price point, payment type (one-time vs. recurring subscription), and your ideal customer profile.
  2. Our Team Conducts an Assessment: We will analyze the information you shared with us in order to determine whether your hub(s) is a good fit for the Boost Program. We aim to review each submission within 48-72 hours.
  3. Campaign Creation: If we determine that there is a good fit, our expert team will let you know and will begin the process of creating a tailored email campaign based on the information you share. We will share everything with you (e.g., email sequences, email signatures, etc.) to receive your approval prior to launching the campaign, and will make as many revisions as necessary until you sign off.
  4. Targeted Lead Outreach: Once you sign off, we will begin the campaign, where we send thousands of personalized emails per month to leads that closely match your specified profile.
  5. Automated Communication: The outreach process is automated, saving you time and effort. You don't have to worry about manual follow-ups as the program maintains consistent communication with potential customers.
  6. Revenue-Sharing Model: The Boost Program operates on a shared revenue model. After an initial setup fee of $500 to cover the work that goes into standing up the campaign, we split the net revenue from hub sales (post Stripe payment processing fees) on a 50/50 basis.

Turning your knowledge and expertise into revenue

The Boost Program is designed to amplify the value of your existing expertise and knowledge assets and turn it into passive, recurring revenue.

The Boost Program is specifically designed to run campaigns around Kahana hubs; if you haven't created a hub yet, you can do so for free by creating an account. Alternatively, if you don't have enough time or energy, you can get hubs built on-demand for you.

Once you have your hub asset and are ready to generate revenue, then it's time to boost!

Customized Lead Outreach at Scale

After you provide us with the important information about your hub(s) that we mentioned above (e.g., topics, ideal customer profile, etc.) and it's determined that you're a good fit for the program, our team of experts will swing into action. Each month, we will send thousands of personalized emails to leads that align with your specified profile. This means you get the benefit of targeted outreach without the hassle of manual follow-ups.

You will have full control over the outreach design, including copywriting, follow-up directions, and more - nothing is sent without your approval! And we won't stop making revisions until you think it's perfect.

Increase Your Recurring Revenue with Hubs

By using the purchase of hub access as the call-to-action of campaigns, you will be able to easily test value propositions, prices, and copy at scale. Since hubs can be easily embedded and swapped within email sequences, you will get real-time insights and product feedback. The hypothesis is that as customers respond and purchase access to hubs, we will be able to optimize the campaign and make tweaks to improve performance, increasing revenue as a result.

Minimal Setup Fee

To get started with the Boost Program, there's a one-time setup fee of $500. This fee covers all of the work that goes into standing up the campaign, such as creating initial email templates, creating email aliases and an email signature, setting up the sequences to run, training SDRs on how to handle responses and pass leads along, optimizing the Kahana account where the hub is hosted, etc.).

Shared Revenue Model

Once the program is up and running, you get to leverage all the leads generated from the outreach efforts. The program uses a revenue-sharing model: you and Kahana will split the net revenue from hub access transactions (post Stripe payment processing fees) on a 50/50 basis.

Note: Stripe fees are as follows:

  • Hubs with a one-time payment model: 2.9% of hub price + $0.30 per transaction
  • Hubs with a recurring subscription model: 3.4% of hub price + $0.30 per transaction

Reserve Your Spot Now

We understand the value of time, and that's why we are providing the opportunity to reserve your spot for the Boost Program before its official launch on October 1st. You can secure your spot by making a $250 deposit, which directly covers 50% of the setup fee. Rest assured, this deposit is 100% fully refundable at any point in time, no questions asked.

Why Join the Boost Program Now?

Here are a couple of things to consider if you're on the fence about joining the Boost Program.

Unlock New Sales Avenues

The Boost Program extends your reach beyond the Kahana Explore Page and your usual distribution channels. Connect with potential customers who are genuinely interested in your offerings, enhancing your chances of closing more deals.

Efficient and Targeted Outreach

With our team handling the lead outreach, you can focus on what you do best — running your business. Enjoy the benefits of automated and personalized communication with potential clients.

Revenue Sharing

We believe in fairness and transparency. The 50/50 revenue-sharing model ensures that both parties benefit from the program's success.

Risk-Free Reservation

Secure your spot now with a $250 deposit and explore the program further before committing fully. The deposit is refundable, allowing you to opt out at any point.

Limited Spots

Please note that spaces for the Boost Program are limited, so we'd recommend acting quickly if you want to reserve your spot.

Give yourself a Boost 🚀

Want to get boosted? Start by filling out this information-gathering form so that our team can determine whether the Boost Program is a good fit for you. We'll follow up within 48-72 hours to let you know about potential next steps based on the information you share. 

Apply to Boost
We can't wait to witness your business soar to new heights with the Boost Program!

If you have questions about the program, please email us at info@kahana.co with the subject line Boost Program.