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How to Protect Your Digital Product Download

Protecting your digital downloads is essential to preventing unauthorized access

How to Monetize Your Company's Collective Knowledge in 2024

Your company can repurpose the research, insights, methodologies, and other knowledge gained from project-based work into recurring revenue streams.

5 proven ways to drive traffic to your digital product in 2024 (for free)

How to drive traffic to your digital product 1. List your product on Gumroad 2. Create a gig on Fiverr 3. Answer relevant questions on Quora 4. Post on LinkedIn 5. Get featured on Kahana

How to monetize your knowledge in 2024 (without having to create a course)

Instead of trying to build something from scratch, you can monetize your knowledge by charging for access to a collection of existing materials and information you've already created and curated (e.g., notes, Google & Canva docs, templates, research, best practices, etc.).

Monetize your knowledge: how to create your first digital product in less than 1 hour

Creating a digital product - aka translating your knowledge into a product someone will pay for - can feel like a daunting task. That's why we created this step-by-step guide: to show you how you can begin monetizing your knowledge by creating your first digital product in less than an hour.

Joanna Rajendran: BEST.LIFE.EVER self-guided course

What you are building is not something that is necessarily understood or recognized by those around you, and that's okay. Just like I said earlier, you don't need the world of yes, you need your inner knowing, and you need a few strategic yeses.

Thoughts on the State of the Consulting Industry

The consulting landscape has evolved. Firms need to find creative ways to leverage the collective knowledge of their experts to hedge against disruption.

How to Create Profitable Hubs of Knowledge with Kahana

In this blog, we will walk through the key steps for becoming profitable on Kahana as quickly as possible. We will start with high-level instructions and provide links and resources to dive deeper at each step.

49+ Creator Platforms to Scale Your Business Profitably

Looking to scale your business profitably? Start with our in-depth guide on how to use 49+ creator platforms to generate revenue at zero cost.

Tips for Creating Templates with Kahana

Are you looking for a platform that allows you to create digital product templates that can be used by other people? Look no further than Kahana.